Meet Megan

Megan Biffert is the artist and owner behind Hey There Chickadee. She and her husband live on the Kitsap Peninsula in Western Washington, surrounded by mountains, forests, and the Puget Sound. Ink and watercolor are her go-to art mediums. Whether it’s filling sketchbooks or creating finished art works, Megan finds great joy in creating. Her inspiration is often found in the “ordinary” beautiful objects and scenes of every day life, whether it’s a flower from the garden or the view of a neighbor’s house. Her greatest delight in operating Hey There Chickadee is seeing others discover joy, creativity, and community through drawing and painting!

What It’s All About


Introducing people to the joy of drawing, painting, and sketching, is at the heart of Hey There Chickadee. If you’ve ever been interested in learning to create with ink and watercolor then this is your place! Drawing and painting by hand is soothing, joy-giving, grounding, and inspiring. It’s an affordable and sustainable interest you can take with you anywhere and do anytime! I believe we are made to create, to work with our hands and add something new to the world while finding joy in the process. You have a style all your own that no else can ever reproduce. The heart of Hey There Chickadee classes and tutorials is to provide tips and techniques that you can learn and then adapt to develop your own creative style and expression!


It’s often implied that we have to step outside our ordinary, everyday lives in order to experience beauty and awe. We’re told that we’ll find spectacular beauty on that island getaway or in that trendy city, but not in our own yards, home towns, or living rooms. But we don’t have to go far to experience it! When we draw or paint the world around us we begin to celebrate the “ordinary” beauty we see every day. When you become an artist, you see common sights in such a different way. You’ll see the elegant lines of a leaf, the sharply-shaped shadows cast by a building, the texture of an orange. You’ll see the beauty of your own pen work or paint expressing what you see on paper! And you’ll discover that there is wonder in so many ordinary places.


A big part of the heart of Hey There Chickadee is creative community. We thrive when we share life with a diverse group of people! And what better way to connect with others than through a shared interest in art? If you dream of having a hobby or creative outlet that you can do on your own time WHILE connecting with others, then this is your place! Whether it’s taking a class with a small group of people, sharing your artwork online with others, or going to a sketch meet-up in your community, let’s connect through creating.

You can most easily connect with me by dropping me a line here or following me on Instagram at @heythere.chickadee.