“Color First, Ink Later”
by Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara

February 24, 2022  /  reviewed by Megan Biffert


In “Color First, Ink Later” urban sketcher Mike Daikubara gives a thorough introduction to a unique sketching method that produces energetic and  spontaneous sketches. The ideas is simple: start your sketch first by expressively painting with watercolor, then refine it by adding ink lines and more paint in specific steps.

This entire book is focused on clearly describing and demonstrating this method. By the end of the book you have a clear grasp of how much time each step takes, the materials to use, and the techniques needed to achieve the desired result. With, of course, lots of pictures of Mike’s own sketches demonstrating what he is describing!

Mike’s method is the complete opposite of my usual sketching approach (drawing outlines then filling them in with watercolor). I found trying this method refreshing and engaging! It challenges you to look at your subject in a different way, let go of some control, and really embrace the spontaneity of watercolor. If you are looking to mix up your sketch routine then you will love this book!

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Book Info

TITLE: Color First, Ink Later

AUTHOR: Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara

PUBLISHER: Quarry Books


LENGTH: 112 pages

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