Ink & Watercolor Classes and Tutorials

Create your own ink & watercolor art

Do you love the look of ink and watercolor art? Are you interested in painting and sketching with ink and watercolor, but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking to develop your creativity even further? Then this is the place for you!

These ink and watercolor classes and tutorials will teach you the foundational elements of sketching and watercolor painting, inspire you with fresh ideas and techniques, give you confidence to develop your own style, and connect you with a creative community!

Join the Monthly Sketch Club!

For only $11/month, you will receive detailed step-by-step ink and watercolor video tutorials showing you how to create your own beautiful art! The art supplies are listed and linked so it’s easy for you to participate. You will also receive bonus content like art demos and art supply reviews, the ability to vote on future tutorial subjects, and so much more. This content is shared NO WHERE else: it’s exclusive to Sketch Club members!

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Watch a FREE demo online!

Watch this free demo done in collaboration with Etchr Studio and learn how to draw a house portrait from start to finish! I share tips for getting correct proportions, showing perspective, outlining architectural details, and using different pen weights to give your drawing character and depth.

Class Feedback

“Great teacher. Clear instructions. It felt like a (fun) art class!”

“Megan is a wonderful instructor! Her tips and recommendations are easy to follow and make a lot of sense for both new and experienced watercolor artists. Thank you!”

“[Megan] is excellent and clear in what she does. Very inspiring and confidence building.”