Watercolor Woodland Mushroom Tutorial

Learn to paint a flowy watercolor background that will add depth and contrast to your sketch!

Learn to Paint These Watercolor Mushrooms!

I’ve created this free watercolor tutorial so you can learn to paint these cozy woodland mushrooms whenever and wherever works for you! The line work is provided below so if drawing isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Just download, print, and trace the artwork onto watercolor paper at home. That way you can fully focus on the painting process and enjoy watching your paint flow and blend to create these woodsy mushrooms!

I love painting backgrounds like this for my sketches and artwork. These rich, flowy, textured watercolor backgrounds provide a lovely contrast to your main subject. And they are a ton of fun to paint! In the tutorial I share my techniques for creating this effect so that you can learn to create a similar look in your own artwork!

Everything you need to get going is below. I hope you enjoy. Happy painting!
– Megan Biffert

Watercolor Mushroom Tutorial


Supplies Needed

• Watercolor paper (I am using Hahnemuehle Cezanne watercolor paper)

• Pencil for tracing

• Waterproof ink pen for tracing (I am using a Micron felt tip pen in size 03)

• Watercolor paint brush size 8 round or similar size (I am using a Princeton watercolor brush)

• Two jars of clean water

• A paper towel or rag for blotting

• Watercolor paints in the following colors. I am using Winsor & Newton watercolors. You can match with similar colors from what you have at home!
– Burnt Umber (a warm brown)
– Burnt Sienna (a warm rusty orange)
– Naples Yellow (a mellow gold)
– Sap Green (a bright warm green)
– Neutral Tint (black would work as well)


  1. Assemble all of the above supplies.
  2. Download and print the Mushroom Line Art from the link above.
  3. Download and read the Tracing Instructions from the link above.
  4. Following those instructions, trace the Mushroom Line Art onto your watercolor paper using the pencil and then the waterproof ink pen. MAKE SURE the pen you use to draw the mushrooms is waterproof, because you will be painting over it and don’t want your ink to bleed!
  5. Sit down with your traced line art and supplies. Start the tutorial video and enjoy!
  6. I always love to see what you create! If you would like to share your artwork on Instagram, please tag @heythere.chickadee so I can see your mushroom painting!