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Create ink & watercolor art at a time & place that works best for you, with these online classes & workshops!

Woodland Watercolor Mushrooms

Paint these earthy mushrooms and learn how to create a flowy watercolor background! The line art is provided. Once you trace or print it onto watercolor paper you can sit down with your paints and start creating!

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House Portrait Part 1: Watch a FREE demo online!

Watch this free demo done in collaboration with Etchr Studio and learn how to draw a house portrait from start to finish! I share tips for getting correct proportions, showing perspective, outlining architectural details, and using different pen weights to give your drawing character and depth.

House Portrait Part 2: Watercolor Workshop

In this recording of a live workshop done with Etchr Studio, you bring your ink drawing of a house (see the free demo above) to life with watercolor! If drawing a house seems intimidating, don’t worry! The line work is provided so that you can trace it onto watercolor paper at home. That way you can just dive on in and enjoy the painting process. I share foundational watercolor techniques and show you how to mix and layer watercolor to create a personable and lively house portrait.

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