Tutorial : Skies & Clouds

Capture different times of day and atmosphere with watercolor

Supplies Needed

Whether you enjoy sketching rural landscapes or city scenes, chances are you will be including a tree or two in your sketch. In this tutorial we will dive into how to quickly sketch trees with ink pen or watercolor!


• Observing different tree shapes and how to draw them

• Using crosshatching and watercolor to give shadows & depth

• Breaking down a tree into areas of highlight and shadow

• Mixing the right colors to get the effect you want

Hahnemuehle Watercolor Sketchbook (any watercolor paper will work!)*
• Pencil
• Size 8 Round watercolor brush with pointed tip or similar size,  like this one*
• Waterproof ink pen (I used a size 02 Micron pen)
• Two jars of water
• Watercolor paints in these or similar colors (see attached photo for reference):
– Warm, bright yellow
– Sap green
– Prussian Blue
– Burnt Umber
– Black

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