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Do you want a special and artistic way to remember a vacation, celebrate a birth, or commemorate an event? Then a collage commission is perfect for you! This commission brings together a group of small illustrations that have a common theme, and together they tell a story or celebrate a person. The illustrations are hand-drawn in waterproof ink pen and then brought to life with watercolor. The ideas for a collage commission are truly limitless! See below for some ideas and for complete details.


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A collage commission is a truly unique, customized, and artistic way to celebrate a person or event! It’s a group of small illustrations, are arranged beautifully on the paper, to create one cohesive image around a central theme. Some ideas for collage commission are:

  • Celebrate a baby’s birth: a collage of baby items with the date of birth underneath
  • Celebrate a person: a collage of items that make you think of that person
  • Commemorate a vacation: a collage of illustrations representing what you did or where you visited

The ideas are truly limitless! A collage commission makes a very special wedding gift, birthday gift, or a simple I’m-happy-you’re-in-my-life gift.

Please read below for complete details.


  • Once your order is placed, I will contact you via email to talk about your custom collage! That’s when you can tell me your theme and tell me what illustrations you would like included. You can also include your theme in the notes as you checkout, if you would like. If you are unsure if your idea would work for a collage, then please email me before you order¬†and ask!
  • Assembling the illustrations: Please have a list of what specific illustrations you would like included in your collage, along with photos of them. Google search images are just fine, or personal photos you’ve taken. A 5×7 collage can hold 5-7 illustrations, and 8×10 can 7-14. It’s really up to you what you would like included. I can help with suggestions around your theme, but the more item illustrations you have chosen the better!
  • I will notify you via email when I begin your commission, and potentially send progress photos. You will also be notified when it ships and provided with a tracking number. Commissions are shipped with protective (and recyclable!) materials so that it reaches you safe and sound.
  • You can let me know if you would like a specific message, name, or date written as the title of your collage.
  • Commissions will be completed in the order in which they are ordered from the website. However, please let me know in the notes or in our following emails if you do or do not have a specific date you hope to receive it by! I will do my utmost best to meet your hoped-for date.


*Photos shown are examples of commissions completed for past customers. They do not represent a product that will be mailed to you.

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